SMSL DA-9 DA9 Digital Amplifier Hi-Res Bluetooth

SMSL DA9 DA-9 Digital Amplifier Hi-Res Bluetooth




◉ 2xGerman Infineon’s new technology class D power amplifier chip, higher
quality, efficiency up to 92%, further reducing power consumption
◉ Using NJRC’s electronic volume control chip NJW1194 from Japan, precise volume control and low distortion
◉ The true fully balanced design, from input to speaker output, greatly reducing distortion caused by signal transmission;
◉ Built-in SMSL SDB patented sound and treble/bass adjustment for easy
matching of a variety of speakers and music
◉ Subwoofer pre out for 2.1 system application.
◉ New Bluetooth 5.0 reception, better sound quality, longer transmission distance, support APT-X!
◉ All aluminum alloy CNC precision processing shell, anodizing technology
and chamfering process, exquisite workmanship and delicate touch;
◉ Color LCD display and user-friendly operating system are simple and easy to
understand, equipped with full-featured remote control function;
◉ Low power standby function to meet the latest European ErP2 standard;
◉ A large number of professional Hi-Fi audio components are used to enhance the sound experience
◉ High quality gold-plated input and output terminals
◉ Perfect protection circuit for overheating, overcurrent, etc.
◉ Built-in high quality power supply, specially designed for audio!


•Inputs: XLR , RCA , BT
•THD+N: 0.003%
•SNR: 111dB
•Channel separation: 96dB
•Input Sensitivity / Input Impedance: 250mV/47kΩ
•Output Power: 150Wx2(2Ω) / 90Wx2(4Ω) / 50Wx2(8Ω)
•Power Consumption:
40W(Normal Volume)
•Standby power: 0.6W