Brand:iFi Audio

iFi Audio GND Defender take out hum from speaker

I ground detection.
With a GND Defender at the IEC power input, it will intelligently detect and remove the ground loop at the component.




Behind this, the GND Defender:

Intelligently breaks DC ground loops to eliminate ground loop hum
EMI shielding is retained
Equipment Safety is unaffected (not a ground lift – so maintains equipment safety ground)
If multiple ground loops exist, more than one GND Defender may be required.

The GND Defender is smarter than the average ground lift. By a long way.


AI Ground Detection: Each unit will automatically disconnect the ground on that device
Ground Safe: Auto reinstatement of ground connection to pass current if a fault is detected
Voltage rating: 90 – 240 volts
Surge overload rating: 220A
Continuous current rating: 10A (1100W – 2400W)
Universal IEC Hospital-grade IEC connectors
Dimensions:68 x 37 x 32 mm / 2.7” x 1.5” x 1.3”