Chord C-Digital Coaxial Cable 1M

The Chord C-digital is designed to work with CD players, streaming devices, DVD players and any other component with a digital coaxial output. It proves a worthy upgrade over included cables.
The Chord Company C-digital features a unique conductor configuration, derived from the award-winning Tuned/Super ARAY technology – developed to work effectively with high speed digital signals.




C-digital is part of a superb range of analogue and digital interconnects, including USB and streaming cables, HDMI, power cables and C-screen speaker cable, all of which offer stunning value for money.
To get the most from this cable it must be connected so that the print on the cable reads away from your source component!

Cable Oxygen free copper conducters, high density over-wrapped foil shielding
Compatibility Digital coaxial
Connections Direct gold-plated RCA
Finish Available as 0.5 or 1 metres
From Coaxial digital
To Coaxial digital