Cayin A-845Pro Integrated Amplifier Limited Edition




Cayin A-845Pro
> Available as a global limited version in 249 pieces
> Match titanium gold, black is the main color for A-845Pro.
> JJ 5U4GB are used for voltage rectifier
> Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB has been used for voltage amplification
> Full music 300B/n with Porcelain base has been used for drive amplification
> High quality MUNDORF Mcap EVO SilverGold are applied

Additional information

Weight 48 kg


> Power Output: 25W+25W
> Frequency Response: 10Hz~26kHz (-3dB)
> THD: 0.3% (1W/1kHz;5% Under Rated Power)
> S/N Ratio: 90dB
> Input Sensitivity: 300mV (Integrated), 1300mV (Pre-IN)
> Input Impedance: 100k ohms
> Output Impedance: 4 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms
> Tube: 6SN7GTBx2, 5U4GBx1, 300B/nx2, 845SLx2
> Max Power Consumption: 380W
> Input TerminalsL LINE1, LINE2, LINE 3, PRE-IN
> Dimension in MM W x H x D: 430 x 239 x 445