Audioquest Rocket 11 Speaker Cable without Bananaplug Per-Meter

Audioquest Rocket 11 Speaker Cable




Rocket 11 is an ideal Full-Range or Single-BiWire cable. Single-BiWire allows you to optimize performance when the speakers have Bass and Treble inputs.

BiWiring reduces distortion in the cable — taking the big Bass energy out of the cable carrying the more delicate Treble is like taking the waves out of thewater when you (the Treble) are trying to swim. The magnetic autonomy of the separate halves of the Rocket 11 maximizes the BiWire advantage.

Semi-Solid Concentric conductors are a far-superior performance alternative to typical stranded conductors. Semi-Solid Concentric conductors use fewer, larger strands that do not change position down the length of the cable. The strands maintaintheir fixed, rigid relationships, reducing distortion, improving resolution and dynamics, and greatly minimizing harshness and confusion due to strand interaction.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


– Metal: Semi-Solid True-Concentric LGC
– Gauge: 16AWG (1.32mm2)
– Geometry: Double-Spiral
– Dielectric: PVC
– Noise-Dissipation System: No
– Bi-Wirable: Yes