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Chord C-line(1m)

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Chord C-line(1m) Chord C-line(1m)

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Chord C-line(1m)

Harga : Rp 600.000,- / Pcs
Jumlah : pc(s)

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 0816 716 248 (Andrew)

CP : Andrew

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 08 1122 8280 (Ronald)

CP : Ronald

Penjelasan Produk



Pseudo-balanced Oxygen free copper conductors

ARAY technology

Unique direct gold-plating technology

Fully floating high density shielding

Ultra reliable over-moulded strain relief

Available RCA to RCA in 1m and 0.5m lengths

The Chord C-line is an original Chord Company design with a unique conductor configuration inspired by our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY interconnects.  Like all Chord interconnects, the C-line has been designed to protect the precious audio signal from the high levels of high frequency interference filling most modern houses.  The C-line will produce a cleaner, more detailed sound than other, more conventional interconnects.

C-line is part of an award winning range of analogue and digital connections, including USB and streaming cables, HDMI, power and speaker cables - all designed and built in the UK to achieve the very best sound and picture from your hi-fi or AV system.


Chord depth info :


ARAY conductor geometry, multi-strand oxygen free copper signal and return conductors.  High density overwrapped foil shielding, reduces signal loss caused by high frequency interference.

Unique RCA plug gold-plating process improves signal transfer across audio frequencies.  Over moulded plug surround provides high reliability connection for best performance.  Available in 1 metre and 0.5 metre lengths.

The Chord C-line is designed to work with all line level components, CD players, streaming devices, DVD players, home theatre amplifiers, tuners, phono stages and pre to power amplifier connections.  This cable is not designed for use with RCA equipped turntables.  For more information on getting the best from your turntable please speak to your dealer.
Before installation

Switch off all equipment before fitting or removing cables.
Connect cable so the print on the cable reads away from the source component. The “C” of “Chord” should be nearest the source component.
Route the cable away from speaker cables and power cables.


Strike A Chord


It may be a budget cable but Chord's C-line uses the company’s own Tuned ARAY cable creation technique (Tuned Aray was initially designed for digital cables and was a way of reducing reflections back up the cable) and was originally used on the top-of-the-line Sarum cable. 

The C-Line is the first cable in the Chord range to be built be a third party partner. It includes oxygen-free copper conductors and is optimally used with front-end components such as CD players, streamers and the like. Plugs are gold-plated while strain relief has been applied to the plug’s terminations. You can buy the cable in either 1m or half metre lengths. 


Sound Quality


Diving straight into sound testing for the 1m interconnect cable, I also pulled out my first budget cable reference, the Epiphany Atratus II priced at £65/m. I turned to Venice Blue from Bobby Darin on vinyl. 

The Chords had an immediate impact on the dynamic range, stretching it to new extremes as the upper mids were extended, allowing the Darin vocal delivery to become expansive and to reach further. Similarly, the bass was now more recognisable with the bass guitar offering a richer ‘twang’ with greater power and heft to the instrument. 

The strings which flowed throughout the song sounded particular free and sweeping during the introductory portion of the song, providing more emotion while the secondary percussion was able to provide a secure rhythmic support. 

In general terms, the song exhibted greater transparency in its presentation, almost as if a curtain had been lifted from the front of the speakers. This gave the soundstage a clearer and more natural effect. Darin now sounded at ease in his performance. 

Turning to a more dynamic genre of music and The Who song, Baba O’Riley on CD, The Chords were, this time, compared to the rather more expensive Epiphany Atratus III cables (priced at £100/m). Compared to the latter, the Chords were slighter warmer in tone. This could be immediately heard during the complex introductory synth section of the song. 

Added warmth in budget cables does not detract from synth replay, however, which bodes well if you are fan of this genre. The introductory piano retained the power of the Atratus III but lacked a touch of upper mid extension while the drums retained a heft with a reassuring weighty mass that gave the track a solid foundation. 

When the song reached the Pete Townshend vocal break, midway through the song, the Atratus III cables were noticeable in adding a slight touch of upper mid bloom during crescendos. The Chords never suffered from this problem. The added warmth and the slightly lower midrange extension just pulled back from the edge meaning that there was no bloom effect. The same could be said for a later sequence during Roger Daltrey’s crescendos.  

The Chord warmth had pros and cons for jazz. Playing Dexter Gordon's I Was Doing all Right, the tonal direction of the Chords allowed both the sax and trumpet solos to flow with ease, despite a slight restriction in the dynamic range when compared to the Atratus III reference.

Accompanying percussion confirmed this effect because, while the rim shots remained powerful, they lacked a touch of sharpness while the  cymbals produced more of a warm fuzz than a clear cloud of shimmer. Despite this slight midrange recess of the Chords affecting the treble options of the song, the attractive warmth of the lower mids and upper bass was ideal for harder rocking tracks. High energy music was never grating or bright while guitar solos packed both power and force. 




The Chord C-line provides a far superior sonic replay to basic, bundled cables and even trounces more expensive, audiophile designs. It’s only when we get to cables at twice the price that a slight midrange and treble recess appears which may give fans of jazz and singer-songwriters pause for thought. Nevertheless, this cable is highly recommended for budget use. Above that, as shown by the reference Atratus III reference, you will need to seek a careful demonstration.

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