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Karaoke SystemWireless Mic › Shure PG288/PG58 Dual System

Shure PG288/PG58 Dual System

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Shure PG288/PG58 Dual System


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Penjelasan Produk

The Shure Performance Gear Dual PG58 wireless system is the perfect introduction to our wireless portfolio. This package comprises two PG2 handheld transmitters with PG58 microphone heads and a PG88 diversity receiver.


Description :

Fast and easy setup, even for a beginner?

Simply press the channel button on the front of receiver and choose one of 10 available channels. A seven-segment LED indicates instantly if the selected channel is available. Once this is done, choose the same on the transmitter, and you are ready to go.

How many musicians can use this system simultaneously?

A maximum of four musicians can use Performance Gear Wireless systems in parallel. One wireless system consists of one bodypack transmitter and one receiver, so at a maximum you can run two dual receiver systems simultaneously.

Why internal antennas?

For ideal signal strength, antennas on a wireless system need to be setup in a certain way. The internal antennas on Performance Gear Wireless systems are already set in this ideal way, offering up to 75 m operating range and optimal signal strength.
Additionally internal antennas cannot be broken during setup, use or transport.


Features :

  • Hassle free setup
  • Internal antennas simplify operation and storage
  • Only one channel select button
  • A seven-segment LED indicated instantly if the selected channel is occupied
  • Reliable wireless technology
  • Microprocessor controlled Predictive Diversity
  • 10 selectable frequencies
  • Up to 4 compatible systems per band


Specs :

System technical specifications

  • Compatible systems per frequency band: 4
  • Selectable frequencies: 10
  • Auto Setup Features: No
  • Audio Reference Companding: No
  • Included Antennas: Internal 1/4-wave
  • Antenna Options: No
  • Receiver Network Ability: No
  • PC Control: No
  • Rack Hardware: Optional (URT)
  • Case: Optional System Case
  • Transmitter Display: Multi-color LED
  • Receiver Display: Multi-color LED
  • Battery, Endurance: 9V, > 8 h
  • Environment: Small to medium stages, schools, karaoke

Further Technical Specs

PG88 Dual Receiver

  • Output Impedance XLR connector: 200 Ω 1/4 inch connector: 1kΩ
  • Audio Output Level Ref.
  • +/– 33 kHz deviation with
  • 1 kHz tone
  • XLR connector (into 100K Ω load): –19 dBV, typical
  • 1/4 inch connector (into 100K Ω load): –5 dBV, typical
  • Sensitivity –105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typical
  • Image Rejection >50 dB, typical
  • Dimensions 188 mm L x 103 mm W x 40 mm D (7.4 in. x 4.0 in. x 1.5 in.)
  • Dimensions - PG88 388 mm L x 116 mm W x 40 mm D (15.3 in. x 4 in. x 1.5 in.)
  • Weight 241 grams (8.5 oz)
  • Weight - PG88 429 grams (15.1 oz)
  • Housing Molded ABS
  • Power Requirements 12–18 Vdc at 160 mA (PG4), 320mA (PG88), supplied by external power supply

 PG2 Handheld Transmitter

  • Audio Input Level
  • +2 dBV maximum at -10dB position
  • -8 dBV maximum at 0dB position
  • Gain Adjustment Range 10dB
  • RF Transmitter Output 10 mW typical (dependent on applicable country regulations)
  • Dimensions 223.52 mm L x 53.34 mm Dia. (8.8 in. x 2.10 in.)
  • Weight 218 grams (7.7 oz.) without battery
  • Housing Molded ABS handle and battery cup
  • Power Requirements One 9V alkaline or rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life Up to 8 hours (alkaline)
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