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ELAC FS197 (White)

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ELAC FS197 (White) ELAC FS197 (White) ELAC FS197 (White) ELAC FS197 (White)

ELAC FS197 (White)


Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 0816 716 248 (Andrew)

CP : Andrew

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 08 1122 8280 (Ronald)

CP : Ronald

Penjelasan Produk

The FS 197 captivates the listener in seconds, whether used in two-channel stereo or surround sound configurations! It does not shy away from loud volumes and can handle thundering crescendos or reveal the subtlest nuances with consummate ease.

Features :


The rigidity of the aluminium aluminum combined with the damping of a cellulose layer - thanks to aluminium aluminum sandwich technology, the audio reproduction achieved by ELAC bass drivers is very precise.

In a special glueing procedure, an aluminium foil of 0.2 mm is joint to a pulp fibre cone to form a sandwich membrane.
The result: reduced partial oscillations, no distortions and an optimized large signal behaviour.
In combination with the aluminum-coloured tweeters, the aluminum sandwich woofers also make innovative technology a visual experience.


For those interested in the extra detail of treble and bass performance by using separate wires or amplifiers, the ELAC bi-wiring terminal offers a convenient solution which is easy to access.

High-quality terminals with easily accessible inclined and gilded binding posts are also suitable for larger cable cross sections (16 mm²) as well as for high-quality spade ends (e.g. WBT products).


For a more flexible speaker placement and to minimize ventilation noise, the bass reflex port is directed to the bottom (downfiring).

For a more flexible speaker placement and to minimize ventilation noise, the bass reflex port is directed to the bottom (downfiring).


High definition audio: ELAC’s JET tweeter fascinates listeners with its dynamic and authentic audio, offering lots of headroom with a distinctly wider frequency range than conventional dome tweeters.

The ELAC JET tweeter is one of the most legendary tweeters in the hi-fi trade and has won international renown with its unusual transparent and effortless sound image.

The JET tweeter was developed to perfection on the basis of the famous 'Air Motion Transformer' by loudspeaker pioneer Dr Oskar Heil. Its principle: a concertinaed foil membrane is driven by a strong magnet system of neodymium rods.
This 'motor' drives the air considerably faster than the conventional pistonic technique. High sensitivity and extraordiary dynamics are the result.
Due to many additional design changes (e.g. new neodymium magnet system) a higher efficiency and a smoother sound pressure level frequency response up to 50 kHz was achieved.
The core of the JET tweeter is the folded foil membrane. With a fold width of only 0.84 mm, a major requirement in the JET production is precision. To guarantee the repetition accuracy and unchanging quality even with high output, this production step has been automised. The folding and fixing of the membrane, however, are executed by hand, since for production steps requiring special dexterity human manual skills are irreplaceable.
Only the glueing and handling are now executed by two SCARA robots.
The absolutely reliable precision of the robot in glueing and handling thus ideally supplements the irreplaceable work by hand.
Due to continuous improvement, the JET III tweeter now creates an effortless and airy resonance-free image up to 50,000 Hz, and with its linear frequency response is ideally suited for the reproduction of DVD-A and SACD.

M6 Spikes

Prevents speakers from slipping on carpet and sensitive surfaces: the M6 spike with spike shoes. Ideal for all speakers with M6 thread inserts.

The floorstanders of this series are offered with a robust base and insert nuts for spikes to provide improved stability.
Furthermore the delivery contains spike washers to protect e.g. your parquet floor.

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