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Monster Cable GreenPower HT 800G EU Plug

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Monster Cable GreenPower HT 800G EU Plug

Monster Cable GreenPower HT 800G EU Plug

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Penjelasan Produk
Home Theater PowerCenter HT 800G with Monster GreenPower
  • 8 surge-protected AC outlets
  • Monster GreenPower™ automatically switches off outlets to stop standby energy waste
  • Clean Power® Stage 1 noise filtration removes electrical interference for improved home theater performance
  • Ceramic-encased MOVs reduce risk of fire caused by power surges
  • 2160 Joules of protection

The HT800G features safer surge protection, Clean Power® filtering and GreenPower energy savings for all your AV components. Cable TV/antenna and phone connections are included to provide additional protection from surges and spikes on these lines. For added safety, fireproof ceramic protection reduces the risk of fire in your home.

GreenPowerStop Standby Energy Waste with Monster GreenPower™. Save Money. Save the Earth.
Your DVD player, HDTV and other electronics continue to use power even after you’ve turned them off, wasting energy in stand-by mode. Monster GreenPower eliminates energy waste and saves money by automatically switching off outlets.
Simply plug your TV into the GreenPower Control outlet. When you turn off your TV, the equipment connected to GreenPower switched outlets shuts down to stop standby energy waste.

Dual Mode PlusKeep All Your AV Equipment Safe with Advanced Dual Mode Plus™ Power Protection
Common surges and spikes can easily damage or destroy your valuable AV electronics. Exclusive Dual Mode Plus automatically disconnects to isolate your equipment from surges and spikes. It also sounds an alarm to let you know that the PowerCenter™ has protected your electronics from dangerous power conditions.

Clean vs Dirty Clean Power Stage 1

Patented Clean Power® Rejects Electrical Interference for Better Picture and Sound
Your home’s electricity is full of noise and interference caused by all of your appliances and electronics. This “dirty power” can degrade video performance resulting in “snow”, vertical lines, and pixilation on your screen. Your audio output could be affected by hissing and popping.

However, ordinary surge protectors can’t remove the effects of dirty power.The HT 800G features Clean Power filtering that is precision-engineered to eliminate interference to ensure the best possible picture and sound performance.


Fire Proof MOV Fireproof Protection Against Harmful Surges and Spikes
Power surges can harm not only your valuable home theater equipment but can also start a fire in your home. The HT800G offers superior fireproof technology to keep you safe from the dangers of electrical surge.

Torch Monster Ceramic Encased MOVs
Ordinary surge protectors use plastic-coated MOVs– metal oxide varistors – to absorb excess voltage. Powerful surges can melt the plastic coating, potentially causing a fire.

This Monster® PowerCenter features ceramic-encased MOVs for superior fire protection. The ceramic enclosure is made of fireproof material similar to that used on the space shuttle to give you peace of mind that your home theater and, more importantly, your home is safe.

Connected Equipment Guarantee

Our Monsterous Guarantee
We're Monsterously confident about the HT 800G's advanced power protection, which is why we'll replace up to $500,000 worth of your equipment if it's damaged by power conditions. With Monster Power on your side, you'll have the extra peace of mind that your valuable home theater equipment is covered.


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