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SpeakersFloorstanding Speaker › Q Acoustics Concept 40 (SALE 2020)

Q Acoustics Concept 40 (SALE 2020)

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Q Acoustics Concept 40 (SALE 2020) Q Acoustics Concept 40 (SALE 2020) Q Acoustics Concept 40 (SALE 2020)

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Q Acoustics Concept 40 (SALE 2020)

Dimensi : 97.2 x 28.8 x 17.0 cm (H x W x D cm)
Berat : 42.0 kg
Harga : Rp 22.450.000,-
Rp 15.500.000,-  (disc. 30.96%)

/ Pair
Jumlah : pc(s)

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 0816 716 248 (Andrew)

CP : Andrew

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 08 1122 8280 (Ronald)

CP : Ronald

Penjelasan Produk

Concept 40 Speakers




The Concept 40 is Q Acoustics’ flagship floorstanding speaker. It is the newest addition of the acclaimed, award winning Concept range and, like so many Q Acoustics models, delivers an unparalleled sonic performance at its price. We firmly believe the Concept 40 sets new standards, even outperforming many speakers in higher price brackets.

In common with the Concept 20, its award-winning ‘little brother’, the new Concept 40’s extraordinary soundstage, dynamics and sheer musicality is achieved by incorporating its bespoke drive units into a ‘GelcoreTM Construction’ cabinet. This State-of-the-Art, ultra-low resonance and beautifully lacquered cabinet design allows the drive units to perform at their very impressive best.

The low distortion drive units incorporate powerful oversized magnets to ensure wide dynamics and an ultra-fast transient response. The elegant tripod stand allows the Concept 40 to achieve perfect rigidity and floor contact which further enhances its performance.

Even the speaker’s attractive aluminium facia plate is not purely decorative. It’s part of an assembly which clamps a butyl rubber sheet to the front panel to reduce cabinet resonance still further.

With 90dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 6 ohms, the Concept 40 is easily driven by any good quality amplifier. This striking floorstanding loudspeaker is available in either high gloss black, or high gloss white finishes.



HiFi Choice June 2014
“Superlative … brilliantly balanced package …. excellent value” ..... “Wonderfully clean and open ... bass is surprisingly strong … the midband is a joy”
What HiFi? March 2014
"Surprising sonic agility and composure …. a wonderfully inviting sound"

Speaker Specifications

Enclosure type: 2-way reflex with double woofer
Bass Unit: 2 x 125mm
Treble Unit: 25mm
Frequency Response: 53Hz - 22kHz
Nominal Impedance: 6ohm
Minimum Impedance: 4ohm
Sensitivity: 90dB
Recommended Power: 25 - 150w
Crossover Frequency: 2.3kHz
Dimensions H/D/W mm: 972 x 170 x 288
Weight: 18.5kg
Sold in: Pairs
Finishes available: Lacquered Black Gloss / Lacquered White Gloss
Warranty: 5 Years
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