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Cables & AccessoriesSpeaker Cable › QED XT25 Speaker Cable 2m

QED XT25 Speaker Cable 2m

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QED XT25 Speaker Cable 2m QED XT25 Speaker Cable 2m

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QED XT25 Speaker Cable 2m

Berat : 1.0 kg
Harga : Rp 1.200.000,-
Jumlah : pc(s)

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 0816 716 248 (Andrew)

CP : Andrew

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 08 1122 8280 (Ronald)

CP : Ronald

Penjelasan Produk

The QED speaker cable story began in 1973, with the launch of the world's first specialist speaker cables, QED 42 and 79 strand, now household names in the audio industry. Building on this longstanding British speaker cable heritage, QED embarked on an exhaustive research program into cable parameters which began in 1995 and continues into 2017 with the release of “The Sound of Science”, a 40 page White Paper distilling the research published since 1973 by QED.

What makes XT25 unique ?
All QED cables are designed using the top down principle. XT25 represents the core musical performance trickled down from our money-no-object Supremus cable in a more affordable package.

In loudspeaker cables high pitched sounds are forced to travel towards the outside of the conductor and so are able to use less and less of the available cross-sectional area as the pitch increases. This is called the “Skin Effect”. It means that for high frequencies the resistance of the cable appears to be much higher than it does for lower pitched sounds.

Music signals in a loudspeaker cable move back and forth many times every second. The insulating material used to separate the send and return conductors from each other (the dielectric) has to be charged and discharged every time.

Unique proprietary technology and trademarked geometries plus our award winning heritage all combine to create audible sonic improvements when compared to other loudspeaker cables.


Cross Sectional Area 25mm2
Wire Gauge 14AWG
Capacitance 35.0 pF/m
Loop Inductance 0.52 μH/m
Jacket Outside diameter 3.96mm
Dissipation Factor 10kHz 0.0001
Plugs and Spades QED Airloc Forte banana Plugs
Conductors 10x19/0.13mm
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