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Cables & AccessoriesSubwoofer Cable › Chord Cobra Sub 1RCA to 2RCA (Factory Terminated) (4.5 m)

Chord Cobra Sub 1RCA to 2RCA (Factory Terminated) (4.5 m)

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Chord Cobra Sub 1RCA to 2RCA (Factory Terminated) (4.5 m) Chord Cobra Sub 1RCA to 2RCA (Factory Terminated) (4.5 m)

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Chord Cobra Sub 1RCA to 2RCA (Factory Terminated) (4.5 m)

Harga : Rp 2.100.000,- / unit
Jumlah : pc(s)

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 0816 716 248 (Andrew)

CP : Andrew

Phone : 021-62302809

SMS Order : 08 1122 8280 (Ronald)

CP : Ronald

Penjelasan Produk

Chord Cobra - technical info

Cobra has been part of the Chord range for almost as long as the Chrysalis and is another good example of how a cable design evolves. The original Cobra was a co-axial design; Cobra 3 uses a pseudo-balanced conductor configuration along with vibration controlling conductor spacers. The conductors are twisted along the length of the cable and insulated with low density polyethylene. The braided shield surrounds both conductors and spacers and is mechanically and electrically isolated from the signal path.

Whilst the design of the Cobra 3 is on the face of it similar to the Crimson, the Cobra has larger diameter conductors and these, along with the vibration damping conductor spacers, produce a cable better able to accurately transmit micro-dynamic information. The high-density oxygen free copper braided shield is effective over a wide frequency range. Combined with the conductors, this produces a cable that will carry excellent levels of detail, has a surprisingly low noise floor and will help to convey the sense of space around individual instruments and voices and produce a stable stereo image.

Multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors

Low density polyethylene dielectric

Matched signal and return paths

Floating high density braided shielding

High quality gold-plated RCA/phono plugs

Vibration minimising conductor spacers

Vibration damping PVC outer jacket

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