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Cables & AccessoriesSpeaker Cable › Inakustik Reference NF-102 (1.2m)

Inakustik  Reference NF-102 (1.2m)

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Inakustik  Reference NF-102 (1.2m) Inakustik  Reference NF-102 (1.2m)

Inakustik Reference NF-102 (1.2m)

Harga : Rp 2.250.000,-
Produk tidak ada stok saat ini.

Penjelasan Produk

Reference NF-102

The Reference NF-102 consists of solid, high-purity OFC copper which is covered with DUO-PE II insulation. The PE tubes illed with air, an innovative GAP plug, the exact arrangement of all elements, in particular th very sophisticated centrally-located, solid signal conductor all ensure uniform transit times. The PE network jacket prevents micro-vibrations.

AUDIO: “As a speaker connect ion, the Reference series from in-akustik has long been a hit, having put the audio cable in its shadow. However, now the NF-102 counts among those which put others in the shadows. ... the sound remains free of harshness of any sort. In fact, the clarity, contour and the effortless resolution were all pleasing - a real all-round cable.”



  •     Coaxial design (central solid signal)
  •     The PE network jacket against micro-vibrations
  •     Wires made of high-purity OFC copper
  •     Foli shielding
  •     DUO-PE II insulation around each conductor
  •     Polyethylene tubes filled with air (best insulator) reduce unwanted capacitance


  •        Cable diameter: 5.8 mm
  •         Fitted with the Reference GAP RCA


Each and every cable has its very own characteristic, even its own ?character?, which is relected in its very own timbre. This is because of its technical construction and the materials used for its  manufacturing. The diagram shows how the described cable is positioned and where and what are its strong points. The indicated rating by numbers is based on our best knowledge and experience, as well as our own statistical calculations. It should give you some solid and easy to comprehend guideline, which should also be helpful to compare various products and to serve as a profound assistance for your selection and purchasing decision.



Note: The subjective sound characteristics depend also on the connected components in use.



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