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JBL Studio 580 Five Star Products
JBL Studio 580 The JBL Studio 580 floorstanding loudspeaker combines a 25mm (1") HF compression driver and Bi-Radial® horn with dual 165mm (6-1/2") cast-frame Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) woofers that closely duplicates the experience of a live performance. Ideal for both music and movie systems, the Studio 580 floorstanding speakers are powerful, accurate and styled to make a dramatic design statement in any listening environment. CALL FOR PRICE

Acoustic Energy 305 Produk Laris Five Star Products
Acoustic Energy 305 The 305 - powerful, elegant, dynamic and engaging. CALL FOR PRICE

Mission SX3
Mission SX3 The Mission SX3 floor standing speakers are a combination of both stylish looks and amazing sound quality. The highly styled units echo the highly styled technologies hidden beneath the surface. The drive units include Aluminium and Titanium composites that deliver a more detailed sonic audio output with a much reduced level of distortion due to the rigid properties of the material. The 2-way design features two 130mm bass/mid-range drivers and a 25mm tweeter that outputs a sound with purity and clarity. The sturdy cabinet is rear-ported and due to Mission's 'perfect phase' technology will perform well in varying positions making room setup a great deal easier. Available in a variety of finishes, the Mission SX3 is a high quality all round speaker with great looks and great performance levels. CALL FOR PRICE

Opera Grand Mezza
Opera Grand Mezza Grand Mezza 2012 While certainly within the reach of a majority of music lovers, the Opera Grand Mezza 2012 is far from an "entry level" speaker system. Our aim is to provide a quality speaker suitable for normal home use with low or medium power amplifiers starting from 10-12 watts RMS. Obviously this does not preclude the use of Grand Opera Mezza 2012 with even the most extensive and powerful amplifiers (up to over 200 Watts RMS per channel) provided the amplifier is of good quality and is protected against excessive clipping.The Opera Grand Mezza 2012, compared to the previous 2007 model, has been completely revamped. It is a floor-standing three-way column speaker that is reflex loaded. There are two 5" long-throw SEAS woofers with polypropylene cones and a 5? SEAS midrange driver. The cones are made from double-treated paper. The tweeter, by Scanspeak, is the same we use on the more expensive Seconda and Quinta 2011 models. Impedance for the Grand Mezza is a nominal 4 ohms.The Opera Grand Mezza 2012 is a comprehensive and versatile speaker system suitable for the most demanding musical programs, and it can be used in sophisticated home theater systems as well. CALL FOR PRICE

ELAC FS197 (Black)
ELAC FS197 (Black) The FS 197 captivates the listener in seconds, whether used in two-channel stereo or surround sound configurations! It does not shy away from loud volumes and can handle thundering crescendos or reveal the subtlest nuances with consummate ease. CALL FOR PRICE

ELAC FS197 (White)
ELAC FS197 (White) The FS 197 captivates the listener in seconds, whether used in two-channel stereo or surround sound configurations! It does not shy away from loud volumes and can handle thundering crescendos or reveal the subtlest nuances with consummate ease. CALL FOR PRICE

Wharfedale Jade 7 Black Oak
Wharfedale Jade 7 Black Oak Hear Excitement, Energy, Realism, and Grandeur from Every Performance: Beautiful Wharfedale Jade 7 Tower Loudspeakers Play With Reference-Caliber Clarity, Power, Control The Wharfedale Jade 7 tower loudspeakers encourage and welcome self-indulgence. Go ahead. Turn up your music to concert levels. Then sit back and relish the control, authority, and detail you hear and that place you feet away from the life-size performers. A four-way speaker equipped with two 8-inch Acufibre bass cones, the wondrously balanced Jade 7 delves into the low frequencies with unstinting power, graceful elegance, and astonishing lucidity. When you're craving for reference-level extension, prowess, and presence, Jade 7 stands at the ready to impress by immersing you within the confines of your recordings. It also reproduces finite nuances, microharmonics, transients, and intricacies with shocking effortlessness. Whether playing back dynamic jazz, thumping EDM, full-range symphonies, or the heaviest of metal, you get immediacy, tonality, deep-down speed, cohesiveness, and naturalism. And you get it all for a stunningly discounted price that will make you look twice. Backed by our 100% Music Direct Guarantee and graced with beautiful looks that match its prodigious sound, Jade 7 epitomizes the excitement, grandeur, and realism that make high-end audio endlessly rewarding. CALL FOR PRICE

Wharfedale Jade 5 Black Oak
Wharfedale Jade 5 Black Oak ade 5 Review: "Seriously impressive bass weight and control; superbly detailed; good integration between individual drivers [...] These aren't your average floorstanders. The Wharfedale Jade-5s bring immense power and poise to the parts" - Jade 5 Review - ★★★★★ What Hi-Fi? Sound And Vision CALL FOR PRICE

Yamaha NS-F51 ( Black ) Produk Diskon
Yamaha NS-F51 ( Black ) This high performance floor-standing speaker uses a two-way, three-speaker configuration with two 16cm (6-1/2�?) cone woofers and one 3cm (1�?) soft dome tweeter for beautifully clear sound with immensely powerful bass. Rp 2.750.000,-

Polk Audio TSX330T Produk Laris
Polk Audio TSX330T Is there still a place in our lives for floorstanding loudspeakers? Everything is getting smaller, everything is becoming micro and mini, compact and portable. We’re living in smaller spaces, and we’re convincing ourselves that we should have "less stuff." At what point does sacrificing our stuff or our space end up sacrificing our inner joy? This is that point. Introducing a compact floorstanding loudspeaker that takes up less than a cubic foot of floor space, but delivers high performance audio that is anything but micro and mini. It’s another bold statement of the TSx Series: Hang on, ma, we’re going in! And we’re going to celebrate the big sound we love! Rp 7.000.000,-

Cambridge Audio SX-80 (Walnut)
Cambridge Audio SX-80 (Walnut) The SX80s offer the power and presence of floorstanders at an unrivalled price point. Rp 7.500.000,-

Fyne Audio F302 - FYNE AUDIO / Floorstanding Speaker Produk Baru Produk Laris
Fyne Audio F302 - FYNE AUDIO / Floorstanding Speaker Taking the performance characteristic of its sibling F301 bookshelf design, the floorstanding F302, with its increased cabinet volume, takes the music listening experience to an altogether more dynamic level. The enhanced depth of bass will be appreciated even if listening to the speaker at relatively low volume levels. And the increased power handling capacity ensures that our What HiFi 5 Star F302 won’t suffer from musical compression or distortion for those times when you just have to turn up the volume. Rp 7.785.000,-

Elac Debut F5 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac Debut  F5 - Black The Debut F5 floorstanding loudspeaker is a great choice for a serious two-channel rig or as the nucleus of a multi-channel setup, thanks to its custom drivers and 3-way, bass-reflex design. Rp 7.999.000,-

Polk Audio TSX440T Produk Diskon
Polk Audio TSX440T If you've never experienced the power and majesty of music reproduced at lifelike volume levels in your living room, you owe it to yourself to meet the TSx 440T Floorstanding Loudspeaker. Midsized, to fit comfortably in almost any room, stylishly designed, to compliment any decor, and efficiently driven, even by the most modest electronics, the TSx 440T delivers the classic Polk sound. Natural and enveloping, with well blended lows and detailed highs, for clear vocals and a dynamic soundstage, this is the loudspeaker that makes a bold audio statement without drawing attention to itself. Rp 9.000.000,-

Q Acoustics 2050i Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 2050i Visually striking in the walnut finish, the 2050i, the exquisitely proportioned flagship of the 2000i Series, is both sonically and aesthetically enhanced by its integral steel plinth with \'top configurable\' floor spikes. Rp 9.450.000,-

Polk Audio Signature S50 Floor-standing speaker (Black) Produk Diskon
Polk Audio Signature S50 Floor-standing speaker (Black) Polk Audio Signature S50 Floor-standing speaker (Black) Rp 9.880.000,-

Elac Debut F6 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac Debut F6 - Black The Debut F6 loudspeaker combines the advanced drivers of the B6 bookshelf in a floorstanding 3-way, bass-reflex design that takes Debut performance to the limit. Rp 9.999.000,-

Q Acoustics 3050 (Walnut) Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 3050 (Walnut) Visually striking in five beautiful finishes; including Lacquered Gloss Black, Lacquered Gloss White and ‘Leather effect’, the perfectly proportioned 3050 is the flagship of the new 3000 Series. Improved twin 165mm Aramid Fibre/Paper cone drivers deliver exceptional bass extension and midrange openness, whilst the new '2 in 1', Concentric Ring Dome tweeter adds astonishingly clear and smooth high frequencies. Performance is further enhanced, both sonically and aesthetically, by its integral steel 'outrigger' plinth with floor spikes. Rp 10.800.000,-

Fyne Audio F303 - FYNE AUDIO / Floorstanding Speaker Produk Baru Produk Laris
Fyne Audio F303 - FYNE AUDIO / Floorstanding Speaker The flagship of the F300 series is an impressive floor standing loudspeaker capable of huge scale dynamics and highly detailed top end articulation. Featuring two potent 150mm (6”) mid/bass drivers, and a 25mm polyester dome tweeter delivering an authoritative performance with power and passion. High output levels and an easy to drive load make the F303 suitable for a wide range of home entertainment amplifiers and applications. Rp 11.160.000,-

Polk Audio RTiA7
Polk Audio RTiA7 High performance floorstanding loudspeaker. Anyone can tell you there’s no substitute for the sound of a great tower speaker. The act of listening changes. You’re involved, engaged, engulfed. Listening to the RTiA7 is not a passive experience. Rediscover your favorite music or dive into a great suspense film. It doesn’t get better than this. Rp 11.990.000,-

Klipsch R-620F Floorstanding Speaker Produk Laris
Klipsch R-620F Floorstanding Speaker The Reference R-620F floorstanding speaker is packed with best-in-class audio technology for an incredible listening experience that is built on over 70 years of Klipsch acoustic experience. Rp 12.320.000,-

Monitor Audio Bronze 5 - Walnut
Monitor Audio Bronze 5 - Walnut The slender Bronze Five delivers powerful, responsive bass lines that belie its stealthy appearance and surpass those of many much larger towers. Its 5 1/2? C-CAM® bass driver and 5 1/2? C-CAM® bass/mid driver are arranged in a two and half way system configuration, operating in separate acoustic chambers with front and rear firing HiVe ports to provide differential tuning for higher efficiency and greater low frequency extension. The Bronze Five’s low-distortion architecture expertly combines clean, expressive mid and high frequencies with punchy room-filling bass lines delivering a naturally rhythmic and addictive blend of large-scale dynamics and detail from a surprisingly unobtrusive tower. Rp 12.750.000,-

Polk Audio TSX550T Produk Diskon
Polk Audio TSX550T Your smartphone. Your computer. Your coffee machine. It’s an elite group of inanimate objects that you can really claim to love in a deep, meaningful sense. Even if you’re merely appliance speed-dating, it will be obvious that the new TSx Series from Polk is worthy of your affections. Shapely curves, sure, but also brains and stamina; an inner technological glow that signals joy. Whether you’re building a high performance music system, a stereo pair, or the front stage of a home theater to rival your local cinema, the TSx550T, the three-way, dual woofer tower that leads the TSx Series, is a bold statement of your love for your own personal kind of entertainment. Rp 12.860.000,-

Klipsch R28F Reference Floorstanding Speaker Produk Laris
Klipsch R28F Reference Floorstanding Speaker Providing superior Reference Series performance, the R-28F floorstanding speaker is the largest high-performance option. This mighty floorstanding speaker is the perfect choice for anyone who is serious about their movies and music. Rp 12.900.000,-

Polk Audio Signature S55 Floor-standing speaker (Black) Produk Diskon
Polk Audio Signature S55 Floor-standing speaker (Black) Polk Audio Signature S55 Floor-standing speaker (Black) Rp 13.110.000,-

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