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Q Acoustics 2070 Si Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 2070 Si Unusually at its price level, the Model 2070Si subwoofer is a completely DSP (Digital Signal Processing) driven system with highly efficient class D amplification. However this has meant we have been able to achieve an advanced level of functionality, as well as optimising the sonic performance, by undertaking all filtering and limiting completely in the digital domain. An example is the Speaker Type function switch, which alters the characteristic of the subwoofer's frequency response at the crossover point. This allows the subwoofer to be optimised for use with either ported speakers, like the rest of the Q Acoustics range, or infinite baffle models. Rp 5.900.000,-

Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 Cinema (Walnut) Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 Cinema (Walnut) The Q Acoustics 3000 Series replace the legendary 2000 Series as the leaders in affordable, top quality British Hi-Fi Rp 14.500.000,-

Q Acoustics 3010 (Walnut) Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics 3010 (Walnut) This 'Ultra Compact' bookshelf speaker sets new standards for sonic performance in its class. It’s all new. New 3000 Series, '2 in 1' Concentric Ring Dome tweeter, new Aramid Fibre/Paper cones for the 100mm bass unit, uprated 'audiophile' crossover components and stronger, lower resonance cabinet. All these factors combine to make a make an affordable, small loudspeaker of unparalleled quality and value. The new 3010 is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema use and is an ideal match for the 3090C centre speaker and 3070S subwoofer. The 3010 can also be stand or wall mounted, using the dedicated 3000ST stand or 3000WB wall bracket. Rp 3.050.000,-

Q Acoustics 3020 (Walnut) Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 3020 (Walnut) Like its smaller sibling, the medium sized 3020 bookshelf model benefits from the advanced, low distortion, wide dispersion, new 3000 Series Concentric Ring Dome tweeter; uprated ‘audiophile’ crossover and improved low resonance cabinet. In addition, it boasts a larger 125mm drive unit, with the new Aramid Fibre/Paper cone material. This larger driver delivers an extended bass response with fast dynamics, wonderfully open, realistic midrange and an extraordinary ‘being there’ three dimensional soundstage. The new 3020 is the natural choice for music lovers who want to experience ‘full performance’, superb quality sound in small and medium sized rooms. The 3000ST or 3000WB allow the 3020 to be stand or wall mounted. Rp 4.100.000,-

Q Acoustics 3020 Cinema Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 3020 Cinema Q Acoustics 3020, Q Acoustics 3090C, Q Acoustics 3070S, Q Acoustics (5.1 ch) Rp 17.000.000,-

Q Acoustics 3050 (Walnut) Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 3050 (Walnut) Visually striking in five beautiful finishes; including Lacquered Gloss Black, Lacquered Gloss White and ‘Leather effect’, the perfectly proportioned 3050 is the flagship of the new 3000 Series. Improved twin 165mm Aramid Fibre/Paper cone drivers deliver exceptional bass extension and midrange openness, whilst the new '2 in 1', Concentric Ring Dome tweeter adds astonishingly clear and smooth high frequencies. Performance is further enhanced, both sonically and aesthetically, by its integral steel 'outrigger' plinth with floor spikes. Rp 10.800.000,-

Q Acoustics 3050 Cinema Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 3050 Cinema Q Acoustics 3050, Q Acoustics 3090C, Q Acoustics 3070S, Q Acoustics 3020 (5.1 ch) Rp 25.000.000,-

Q Acoustics 3070S(Walnut) Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics 3070S(Walnut) This powerful, 140watts rms, twin 170mm drive unit subwoofer will bring the full explosive majesty of blockbuster movie soundtracks into your living room. Naturally, being a Q Acoustics design, it will also accurately reproduce the fast 'twang' and detail of a double bass or any other low frequency musical notes. That’s why Q Acoustics is your best choice for both music and movies. Rp 6.550.000,-

Q Acoustics 3090C (Walnut) Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics 3090C (Walnut) A centre channel speaker with two of the new 100mm, Aramid Fibre/Paper cone bass drivers, and the new 3000 Series wide dispersion, '2 in 1', Concentric Ring Dome high frequency unit. The 3090C acoustically matches and complements any of the 3000 Series models. Removable rear port bungs means it can deliver its outstanding, seamless performance whether it is bookshelf, stand mounted or wall mounted by using the dedicated 3000WB wall bracket. Rp 2.700.000,-

Q Acoustics 7000 Cinema Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
Q Acoustics 7000 Cinema Q Acoustics 'moves the goalposts' once again with its new '7000 Series', a beautifully styled 5.1 home cinema loudspeaker package with truly class leading performance. Rp 10.500.000,-

Q Acoustics A1240S
Q Acoustics A1240S 300 watt active subwoofer with a 300 mm driver and signal sensing for automatic power on/off Rp 6.500.000,-

Q Acoustics BT3 Five Star Products
Q Acoustics BT3 BT3 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers Rp 6.400.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Produk Laris Five Star Products
Q Acoustics Concept 20 Q Acoustics is proud to introduce the new Concept 20 Loudspeaker. The 'Concept 20' is a special loudspeaker which goes beyond anything that Q Acoustics has achieved before. It's a beautifully styled product which we confidently believe delivers a level of sonic performance previously thought impossible at its price point." To achieve this extraordinary performance, Q Acoustics' design team applied scientific methodology and advances in technology to address the problem of cabinet resonance; long recognised as the single biggest hurdle preventing speaker designers delivering true 'high end' performance at a reasonable price. Rp 6.950.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Cinema 5.1 ch (Black Gloss) Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics Concept 20 Cinema 5.1 ch (Black Gloss) Q Acoustics Concept 20, 2000ci, 2010i, 2070si (5.1ch) - Black Gloss Rp 21.000.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Cinema 5.1 ch (White Gloss) Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics Concept 20 Cinema 5.1 ch (White Gloss) Q Acoustics Concept 20, 2010i, 2000ci, 2070ci (5.1ch) - White Gloss Rp 21.000.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics Concept 40 Concept 40 Speakers The Concept 40 is Q Acoustics’ flagship floorstanding speaker. It is the newest addition of the acclaimed, award winning Concept range and, like so many Q Acoustics models, delivers an unparalleled sonic performance at its price. We firmly believe the Concept 40 sets new standards, even outperforming many speakers in higher price brackets. In common with the Concept 20, its award-winning ‘little brother’, the new Concept 40’s extraordinary soundstage, dynamics and sheer musicality is achieved by incorporating its bespoke drive units into a ‘GelcoreTM Construction’ cabinet. This State-of-the-Art, ultra-low resonance and beautifully lacquered cabinet design allows the drive units to perform at their very impressive best. The low distortion drive units incorporate powerful oversized magnets to ensure wide dynamics and an ultra-fast transient response. The elegant tripod stand allows the Concept 40 to achieve perfect rigidity and floor contact which further enhances its performance. Even the speaker’s attractive aluminium facia plate is not purely decorative. It’s part of an assembly which clamps a butyl rubber sheet to the front panel to reduce cabinet resonance still further. With 90dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 6 ohms, the Concept 40 is easily driven by any good quality amplifier. This striking floorstanding loudspeaker is available in either high gloss black, or high gloss white finishes. Rp 16.800.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Cinema 5.1 ch -White Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics Concept 40 Cinema 5.1 ch -White Q Acoustics Concept 40, 2000ci, 2070si, Q Acoustics 2010i (5.1ch) - White. Rp 35.000.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Cinema 5.1 ch Black Gloss Produk Diskon Five Star Products
Q Acoustics Concept 40 Cinema 5.1 ch Black Gloss Q Acoustics Concept 40, 2000ci, 2070si, 2010i (5.1ch) Rp 35.000.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept 500 Black Floorstanding Speaker Produk Laris
Q Acoustics Concept 500 Black Floorstanding Speaker Find your nearest dealer where you can see and hear our premium products, including CONCEPT 500, everywhere in the world. We call these retailers the Q ELITE, many of which are centres of excellence for both Q Acoustics and sister brand QED and where you can be confident of receiving the ultimate Q Acoustics experience Rp 64.800.000,-

Q Acoustics Concept Centre
Q Acoustics Concept Centre The Concept Centre is the heart of the Concept Cinema System. This new loudspeaker boasts a precisely optimised implementation of the revolutionary 'Gelcore' cabinet technology developed for the ground breaking Concept 20 and Concept 40 models. The result is a centre channel speaker that delivers astonishingly clear and dynamic dialogue. Both 5.1 and 7.1 systems can be configured from the other speakers in the concept range combined with our 2070i sub. In addition, if an installation requires overhead speakers (Dolby Atmos or DTS:X), we recommend the use of the Q Acoustics Install Performance In-ceiling range. Rp 4.990.000,-

Q Acoustics Media 4 Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
Q Acoustics Media 4 The Q Acoustics Media 4 (M4) Sound bar with built-in subwoofer and Bluetooth Rp 5.499.000,-

Q Acoustics QI 45EW - Putih Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics QI 45EW - Putih The Qi 45 is an attractive and compact wall mounted two-way speaker system ideally suited to both indoor or outdoor environments. Featuring a tough UV resistant ABS enclosure and aluminium speaker grille the Qi45 is designed to provide many years of trouble free service whatever the weather. Its diminutive dimensions and versatile mounting bracket make it both easy to install and the perfect solution to providing music in many applications; including outdoor dining and restaurant areas and indoor public spaces and conference facilities. Rp 3.100.000,-

Q Acoustics Qi 65C
Q Acoustics Qi 65C 6.5" In-Ceiling Speaker Q Install Professional CALL FOR PRICE

Q Acoustics Qi 65CW Produk Diskon
Q Acoustics Qi 65CW 6.5" In-Ceiling Weatherproof Speaker Q Install Professional Rp 3.995.000,-

Q Acoustics Qi 80-IW
Q Acoustics Qi 80-IW In Wall Speaker The new Q Install in-wall series offers an exhilarating range of speakers designed for home theatre applications demanding exceptional performance from loudspeakers that meet the needs of clients requiring stylish low profile aesthetics. CALL FOR PRICE

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