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Audiobank Alpha Two Touchscreen with LG Panel Produk Diskon Produk Laris
Audiobank Alpha Two Touchscreen with LG Panel Alpha two adalah panel layar sentuh baru buatan audiobank yang modern dan trendy,panel ini di buat dengan panel LG yang menampilkan gambar dengan resolusi yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan layar sentuh lainnya. Rp 4.250.000,-

AUDIOBANK ALPHA X AMPLIFIER This device is a two channel DSP karaoke power amplifier, with multiple functions, flexible configuration and easy to use. Suitable for all kinds of professional performance hall, KTV room and home karoke. Rp 4.500.000,-

Audiobank AMP-360 Amplifier Produk Diskon Produk Laris
Audiobank AMP-360 Amplifier AMP 360 adalah ampli buatan audiobank yang menggunakan sistem semi digital namun dengan harga yang terjangkau bagi semua kalangan. Semi digital yang di maksud adalah pengaturan input dapat di atur secara digital. Rp 3.200.000,-

AudioBank Karaoke Player AB 1200 - 1TB Produk Diskon Produk Laris
AudioBank Karaoke Player AB 1200 - 1TB Audiobank 1200 adalah player karaoke terbaru oleh Audiobank dan merupakan pembaharuan dari Audiobank 1100. Keunggulan dari Audiobank 1200, player ini menggunakan fitur layar sentuh seperti Audiobank 3000 namun dengan kapasitas hardisk yang lebih kecil dan harga yang terjangkau. Rp 4.250.000,-

Audiobank KSB 120 Subwoofer Active Produk Laris
Audiobank KSB 120 Subwoofer Active AUDIOBANK KSB-120 Subwoofer Active Rp 3.000.000,-

Audiobank MC 10 Microphone Cable Produk Laris
Audiobank MC 10 Microphone Cable Audiobank Mic MC 10 Dynamic Microphone Karaoke Rp 350.000,-

Audiobank Remote Control Qwerty Player Produk Laris
Audiobank Remote Control Qwerty Player Remote Qwerty Untuk Player Karaoke Audiobank All Type Rp 350.000,-

Audiobank Soundbar & Wireless Microphone SBX-500K Soundbar Karaoke Produk Baru Produk Laris
Audiobank Soundbar & Wireless Microphone SBX-500K Soundbar Karaoke Audiobank Soundbar & Wireless Microphone SBX-500K Soundbar Karaoke Rp 5.500.000,-

Audiobank TC 100 LCD Monitor Touch Screen Produk Laris
Audiobank TC 100 LCD Monitor Touch Screen Audiobank TC-100 Touch Screen(19\") Rp 3.250.000,-

Audiobank TC100
Audiobank TC100 AB TC 100 Audio Bank Karaoke Touchscreen 19 Inch Rp 3.200.000,-

Audiobank X-10 TouchScreen Monitor Produk Diskon Produk Laris
Audiobank X-10 TouchScreen Monitor x-10, panel layar sentuh yang mengusung desain stylish ini di buat untuk memudahkan para konsumen dalam pemakaian fitur karaoke yang ada di player ,dengan respon yang cepat karena menggunakan layar sentuh infrared. Rp 3.000.000,-

Audiolab 8200 A, Marantz CD6006, Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
Audiolab 8200 A, Marantz CD6006, Monitor Audio Bronze 6 Audiolab 8200 A, Marantz CD6006, Monitor Audio Bronze6 Rp 29.800.000,-

AudioLab 8200A, Marantz CD6006, Monitor Audio Bronze5 Produk Diskon Produk Laris Five Star Products
AudioLab 8200A, Marantz CD6006, Monitor Audio Bronze5 AudioLab 8200A, Marantz CD6006, Monitor Audio Bronze5 Rp 25.500.000,-

Audiolab 8200M
Audiolab 8200M Using two monobloc amplifiers, rather than a two-channel stereo power amplifier, can significantly improve the performance of any hi-fi system. The 8200M builds upon the template provided by the 8200P to deliver a single-channel amplifier of exceptional talent. Each 8200M delivers 125W of crisp, clean current, sufficient to drive any loudspeaker comfortably, with plenty in reserve for dramatic dynamic swings. Speed and resolution are exceptional, ensuring every detail is captured with crystalline clarity, whilst the overall musical message is conveyed with masterful authority. Flexibility is a key facet of this compact powerhouse. A single pair of 8200Ms may be used in conjunction with a preamp in a two-channel stereo system; or several pairs may be daisy-chained to further improve headroom in bi-amped or even tri-amped systems. They're ideal for use in high-performance home cinema systems too, combining dramatic power and subtle musicality in thoroughly engaging fashion. Like all Audiolab amplifiers, the 8200Ms are gain-matched, ensuring perfect integration with other Audiolab amp components - so you can start at the level that suits you best, and build up your system over time. CALL FOR PRICE

Audiolab 8200MB
Audiolab 8200MB A clean-sheet addition to the Audiolab range, the 8200MB is an advanced single-channel power amplifier capable of partnering loudspeakers of the highest calibre. With a rating of 250W, it is designed to deliver high power with ultra-low distortion. In terms of sound quality, the 8200MB is an exceptional performer. Its high current ability enables it to drive the toughest of loads; even the most difficult speakers are driven cleanly without the loss of dynamics. The supreme neutrality that characterises Audiolab hi-fi components shines through, coupled to effortless reserves of current to call upon whenever required, so all you hear is the music - pure and unrestrained. Supplying a choice of both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs, the 8200MB is a power amplifier of enormous ability. Anyone seeking a flexible, compact, high-power monoblock for a stereo or multichannel system need look no further. CALL FOR PRICE

Audiolab 8200P (Mei Sale 2019) Produk Diskon Produk Laris
Audiolab 8200P (Mei Sale 2019) The 8200P is a classic Audiolab two-channel power amplifier, with a sound as clean and crisp as its minimalist exterior. Its pedigree is impeccable, descended from a range of amplifiers revered throughout the world for their unerring ability to perform at the highest level. Delivering more than 100W per channel with a peak output of over 40 Amps, the 8200P is capable of driving even the toughest of loudspeakers with sure-footed authority, combining Audiolab's class-leading neutrality with an unerring ability to engage the listener throughout a musical performance. When listening to the 8200P, what you hear is the music pure and unadulterated, with detail and dynamic range fully intact. Exemplary build quality and reliability ensure that this is a power amp for all seasons, as comfortable in a home cinema environment as it is in a purist two-channel music system. Thrilling to listen to and utterly dependable, the 8200P is a genuine audio thoroughbred. Rp 8.600.000,-

Audiolab 8200Q (Mei Sale 2019) Produk Diskon
Audiolab 8200Q (Mei Sale 2019) Succeeding the highly acclaimed 8000Q in Audiolab's range, the 8200Q is, quite simply, the ideal audiophile preamplifier. A high-performance preamp should deliver all of the functionality and control required without imposing any character of its own upon the delicate audio signals. It's this neutrality that is so hard to achieve, and it is this neutrality that forms the heart of the Audiolab experience. The 8200Q supplies six line-level inputs (including three tape loops) coupled to the convenience of remote control, with component selection and engineering of the highest standard. All signals are switched with audiophile-grade signal relays and the volume control is a motorised potentiometer, for precise tracking and maximum sound quality. A separate gain control enables sensitivity to be adjusted to suit different power amps and source components, with sophisticated circuitry maintaining sound quality at every setting. With the unerring accuracy of a precision instrument, the 8200Q delivers unsurpassed neutrality, making it the perfect centrepiece for a high-performance audio system. Rp 9.500.000,-

Audiolab 8300A Produk Diskon
Audiolab 8300A Completely redesigned from scratch, our new integrated amplifier, the 8300A is miles ahead of what was already an industry-leader. Higher power, an additional phono stage and new Audiolab styling means the amplifier is more stylish and more versatile than ever. Most importantly it's new, ultra-efficient circuitry and streamlined components create a listening experience which brings new definition to your favourite music. Rp 13.900.000,-

Audiolab 8300CD Produk Diskon
Audiolab 8300CD The 8300CD demonstrates a level of fine detail, transparency, soundstage depth, dynamic range and musical flow across all sources. It is both an exceptional CD player and a top-class external DAC/digital preamp, able to make the most of your CD collection. While delivering an enormous sonic boost to external digital audio sources it now extends its resolution to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD compatibility via USB. Rp 14.900.000,-

Audiolab 8300MB Produk Diskon
Audiolab 8300MB The 8300MB is a pocket powerhouse, housing 250W of pure, balanced amplification. 8300MB’s full power output is delivered into any loudspeaker load – unconditionally. Massive reserves of power are available for high current drive capability to power and control the mightiest of speakers.This latest development of the Audiolab range now features a fully balanced power stage making the most of the balanced XLR inputs. This makes 8300MB a perfect match for the M-DAC using its balanced outputs, even over long cables. Rp 17.500.000,-

Audiolab M-PWR Produk Diskon Produk Laris
Audiolab M-PWR Audiolab M-PWR power amplifier matches the Audiolab Q-DAC or M-DAC both sonically and aesthetically, giving you a complete DAC/pre/power solution for your desktop of main system. Rp 5.500.000,-

Audiolab Q-DAC Produk Laris
Audiolab Q-DAC Audiolab Q-DAC Rp 5.500.000,-

Audioquest Beetle Bluetooth + DAC Produk Laris
Audioquest Beetle Bluetooth + DAC A modern DAC for the modern world Beetle is a multi-purpose DAC for today’s many different lifestyles. Capable of delivering naturally dynamic, uncompressed music via its high-performance optical or asynchronous USB inputs, Beetle adds exceptional convenience and surprisingly beautiful sound through its asynchronous Bluetooth technology. Some will see Beetle as the perfect complement to a TV’s optical audio output—often the only audio output provided on a modern HDTV—while others will want to use it as a major sonic upgrade for their favorite media players or gaming consoles. Still others will take full advantage of Beetle’s asynchronous USB input to enjoy clean, clear, naturally beautiful sound from any laptop or computer. But why choose one or the other? With Beetle’s asynchronous Bluetooth technology, you can wirelessly stream music from your mobile device, while surfing the web, checking Facebook updates, or sending email. Now there are more great ways to enjoy the superior sound of an AudioQuest DAC! Rp 2.600.000,-

Audioquest Chicago RCA-RCA 1m Produk Baru Produk Laris
Audioquest Chicago RCA-RCA 1m Chicago uses Solid Long-Grain Copper (LGC) Conductors in a Double-Balanced Geometry and starts at a 1.0 meter pair with RCAs. Rp 1.200.000,-

Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI 1,5m versi 2.0 4K UHD Produk Laris
Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI 1,5m versi 2.0 4K UHD Cinnamon HDMI adds 1.25% silver-plating to its predecessors’ solid-core conductors. Like all AudioQuest HDMI cables, Cinnamon uses Solid High-Density Polyethylene Insulation, and precise geometry. Specific attention has been paid to maximizing the performance of HDMI, and indeed, AudioQuest’s HDMI cables push sonic performance to new levels. Rp 1.200.000,-

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