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Denon DA-300USB (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon DA-300USB (November Sale 2017) Denon High Resolution Audio USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier. Rp 4.800.000,-

Denon DBT-1713UD (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon Produk Laris
Denon DBT-1713UD (November Sale 2017) Denon 3D Universal disc player with versatile media and streaming service supports Rp 4.750.000,-

Denon DBT-3313UD (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon DBT-3313UD (November Sale 2017) DBT-3313UD High-quality sound and video from a wide range of media including streaming services and 3D Blu-ray Rp 7.500.000,-

Denon DCD 720 AE, PMA720AE & Q Acoustics 2050 (Black Gloss) Produk Diskon
Denon DCD 720 AE, PMA720AE & Q Acoustics 2050 (Black Gloss) Denon DCD720AE, PMA720AE & Q Acoustics 2050 Black Gloss Rp 16.700.000,-

Denon DCD-1520AE (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon DCD-1520AE (November Sale 2017) High quality CD/SACD Player and USB-DAC with Advanced AL32 Processing for pure performance Rp 12.500.000,-

Denon DHT-S514 (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon DHT-S514 (November Sale 2017) Home Theater 2-way Soundbar System with HDMI, Bluetooth Streaming and Wireless Subwoofer Rp 5.800.000,-

Denon DNP-720AE Produk Diskon
Denon DNP-720AE Enjoy digital music libraries with high-quality Denon sound from various sources including internet radio, online music services, music files stored in your local network or even AirPlay. Rp 4.250.000,-

Denon Envaya DSB200 (White) (Oktober Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon Envaya DSB200 (White) (Oktober Sale 2017) Portable Bluetooth® Speaker System with an up to 10 hour rechargeable battery. Rp 2.100.000,-

Denon PMA-1520AE (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon PMA-1520AE (November Sale 2017) Rich sound from various music sources thanks to Advanced UHC-MOS single push-pull output circuit Rp 12.500.000,-

Denon PMA-2020AE (November Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Denon PMA-2020AE (November Sale 2017) Enjoy delicate musical nuances and spacious acoustic sound with time-honoured Denon audio technologies Rp 24.000.000,-

Dynavox VR-307 Produk Diskon
Dynavox VR-307 Schwere und hochwerting verarbeiteter Hybrid-Verstarker mit Anshlusssen fur CD/DVD, AUX und IPod. Verchromtes Gehause mit massiven Front-und Ruckteilplatten aus Aluminium sowie Transformator im Klavierlackdesign. Netzkabel ca.1,5 m. Rp 10.000.000,-

Earthquake MiniMe-P12 Produk Diskon
Earthquake MiniMe-P12 Compact & stylish & powerful Minime is a stylish and ultra-compact subwoofer with superb base response. The powerful Class D amplifier coupled with the patented SLAPS enables MiniMe to reproduce frequencies down to 18 Hz. Rp 12.500.000,-

Elac A4 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac A4 - Black Dolby Atmos® technology expands the sonic landscape, creating a true 3-D space that you’ve got to hear to believe. CALL FOR PRICE

Elac B5 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac B5 - Black Does the Debut B5 change the game for bookshelf speakers? Absolutely. It’s not just the size-to-performance ratio of this 2-way, bass reflex marvel that sets a new standard. The B5 may be the best value in the world of affordable speakers, with sound that surpasses speakers costing many times more. Rp 4.500.000,-

Elac C5 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac C5 - Black To make a life-sized impression, a full-blown surround system needs a center channel just as formidable as the main speakers. CALL FOR PRICE

Elac Debut B6 Produk Diskon
Elac Debut B6 Debut B6 6 1/2" Bookshelf Speaker (pair) By ELAC Item # : ELAC-DB61-BK Speaker type: 2-way, bass reflex Frequency response: 44 to 20,000 Hz Nominal impedance: 6 Ω Sensitivity: 87 dB at 2.83 v/1m Crossover frequency: 3,000 Hz Maximum power input: 120 Watts Tweeter: 1-inch cloth dome with custom deep-spheroid waveguide Woofer: 6.5-inch woven aramid-fiber cone with oversized magnet and vented pole piece Cabinet: CARB2 rated MDF Cabinet finish: Black brushed vinyl Port: Dual flared Binding posts: 5-way metal Width: 8.5 in / 216 mm Height: 14 in / 356 mm Depth: 10 in / 254 mm Net weight (each): 14.3 lb / 6.5 kg Gross weight (packaged pair): 32.6 lb / 17.8 kg Rp 5.500.000,-

Elac F5 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac F5 - Black The Debut F5 floorstanding loudspeaker is a great choice for a serious two-channel rig or as the nucleus of a multi-channel setup, thanks to its custom drivers and 3-way, bass-reflex design. CALL FOR PRICE

Elac F6 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac F6 - Black The Debut F6 loudspeaker combines the advanced drivers of the B6 bookshelf in a floorstanding 3-way, bass-reflex design that takes Debut performance to the limit. CALL FOR PRICE

Elac S10 - Black Produk Diskon
Elac S10 - Black Add the Debut S10 powered subwoofer to your main speakers and hear bass you never knew existed. With 200 Watts* built-in, there’s plenty of power to deliver rock-solid low frequencies that make your favorite music and soundtracks more realistic than ever, with the weight and presence of a live performance. CALL FOR PRICE

Elac S12EQ - Black Produk Diskon
Elac S12EQ - Black The Debut S12EQ delivers a colossal 1,000 Watts* of BASH amplifier power to a massive 12-inch driver, augmented by a 12-inch passive radiator for bass that truly shakes the foundation. Advanced Bluetooth® control and Auto EQ let you operate this no-compromise subwoofer from your smartphone. CALL FOR PRICE

Harman Kardon Aura Studio (Oktober Sale 2017) Produk Diskon
Harman Kardon Aura Studio (Oktober Sale 2017) The Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Speaker System has a sound as rich and rewarding as its appearance suggests. With its 6 X 1.5” high- and mid-range drivers and a 4.5” subwoofer delivering Omni-directional, 360º sound, the Aura packs a punch much larger than its modest footprint might suggest. Outfitted with premium materials and elite features – including built-in Bluetooth® to stream audio from your Bluetooth® devices, Wifi for Apple AirPlay and DLNA streaming on your home network – the Harman Kardon Aura delivers a look and feel you’ll be proud to include in your home. From its premium cloth grill to its transparent enclosure – which lets you see inside to observe the subwoofer and its custom-built metal housing and illuminating LED – your own expectations will be forever altered. Rp 2.850.000,-

Harman Kardon SB 26 Produk Diskon
Harman Kardon SB 26 Advanced Soundbar with Bluetooth and powered wireless subwoofer Rp 7.399.000,-

Inakustik Star OPTO / Optical ( 3 M ) Produk Diskon
Inakustik Star OPTO / Optical ( 3 M ) The optical digital cable with standardised Toslink plugs for connecting digital audio sources such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray players or game consoles to AV receivers, etc. Rp 500.000,-

Inakustik Y-Subwoofer Kabel 3M-Star Produk Diskon
Inakustik Y-Subwoofer Kabel 3M-Star The Star Y-subwoofer cable reduces sound loss with ist dense shielding and thick inner conductor. The 24c gold-plated metal plugs preserve quality at the connections. CALL FOR PRICE

Infocus IN8606HD Home Theatre Projector Produk Diskon
Infocus IN8606HD Home Theatre Projector The InFocus IN8606HD provides CEDIA-level features and performance at a ground breaking entry-level price. The IN8606HD delivers our most significant home cinema product in a decade – redefining home cinema projection. Rp 14.500.000,-

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